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Lutes, J. (2023).  Trailblazers In Love: Conversations With Remarkable LGBTQ Couples Together 20+ Years. Contemporary Relationships Press.
Lutes, J. (2021).  Recovery from Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: Affirming the Intersections of Marginalized Identities among Survivors.  In Harvey, R., Murphy, M., Bigner, J. & Wetchler, J., (Eds).  Handbook of LGBTQ-Affirmative Couple and Family Therapy.  New York: Routledge, 2nd edition.


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Lutes, J. (2011) Okin the Panda Bear Finds His Family. Illustrated by Hiroko Sakai. Creative House Kids Press.


What the Science Says - and Doesn't Say - About Homosexuality (Soulforce, 2007)

The Ring of Resilience
Thoughts on Aging with Dignity as an LGBTQ Person
Dad, I Dub Thee
Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate Being Single
3 Tips for Taking Advantage of the Problems In Your Relationship
The Gratitude Condition
Do You Really Believe You Are Lovable?
Orphan Reunion:  Two Kids from China Meet in Texas After a Decade
Why Real Intimacy Starts From Within
The Day My Family Nearly Parachuted From a Commericial Airplane


A False Focus on my Family

(Soulforce, 2005)

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